Uncle! Uncle! Three Things I Now Do For My Online MLM Business


If I were a four-legged animal, I’d either be a mule or a mustang. Maybe a mustang-mule (they do exist, you know?). In other words, I’d be stubborn as hell.

I am stubborn as hell, in life as well as in my online MLM business. In the past, the list of things I would NOT do for my MLM business was long. It was revered. It reigned supreme. I took pride in it.

Well, pride and vanity goeth before a fall, as they say. Things have changed a lot for me, and my list of “ne’er will do” has changed, too. Somewhere along the way I ran into a three people I really admire and respect. My heroes.

– One demonstrates true professionalism without the hype on a 3-way call

– One shows me how to do online MLM correctly and successfully

– One shows me how to stick with my business day in, day out

Three Things I’m Now Willing to Do for My MLM Business

As a result of coming into contact with these three people, I now do three things for my MLM business that I’ve never been willing to do before (can you hear me screaming? Uncle! Uncle!).

1. Prospect in Person

I do most of my prospecting online, having early on “cracked the code” for online product sales. I now focus on online business building. I rarely prospect in person … it’s not my favorite method. Recently one of my heroes told me that I only need to find one good business builder a year to meet my business goals.

I’ve met a few people who might fit that profile, so I’ve been prospecting them in person. I love it. They are easy to prospect because I am truly interested in them as people. I enjoy them as people. I want to talk to them. Amazing.

2. Attend Training Calls and Webinars

My days are packed so getting on training calls and webinars can be a real challenge for me. They are scheduled at certain times of the day, so I’m forced to be at a certain place (on my phone or computer) at a certain time. I’d much rather read a book that gives me the same information. At the same time, when a webinar is given by someone like John David Mann or Ana McClellan, I get more from it than I do from a book. So now I go to these on a selective basis (without even dragging my feet!).

3. Read Networking Times

Books I love. Give me Dick Francis, Clive Cussler, or Dean Koontz any day. “Networking Times” magazine? Hmmm. One of my heroes says, “Read it!” Well, sometimes it’s a little too much for my psyche. I read about people whose businesses are over the top, and I wonder why I’m not there yet. I read some of the tips and they don’t jive with me. But there is also a lot of good stuff there. So I pick and choose the articles, but I do read the magazine. Why? Because a hero of mine told me to, and I have a lot of respect for that person.

I can see my business growing weekly as I start participating in these activities I swore I would never do. Traffic is increasing rapidly to my websites, my blog posts come easier, and, by golly, I’m actually enjoying talking to people. I’m shocked as well as pleased.

So now that I’ve confessed about my MLM shortcomings, it’s your turn. What haven’t you been willing to do in your MLM business, and what are you willing to change?


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Written by Dan

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